M-4 Construction

  • Piping - Fabrication, installation and repair
  • Rotating Equipment - repair/ recondition/ realignment and installation of conveyors, pumps, motors and compressor
  • Diesel Engine Overhauling, Repair and Maintenance
  • Insulation and Cladding Works
  • Stationary Equipment - Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Vessels, Tanks - Fabrication, Repair and Maintenance
  • HVAC - Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance

  • Industrial, residential and commercial building, electrical design, and installation works.
  • General electrical servicing and preventive maintenance
  • Standard electrical testing including protective relay and metering test calibration
  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of power generating units and lighting system
  • Installation and commissioning of motor control center(MCC), panel boards, cable trays, bus ways, ATS, MTS and synchronizing panel
  • Installation and commissioning of electric motor (AC DC)
  • Design and installation of various alarm system

  • Architectural drafting and design such as perspective, local maps, architectural details, sanitary, and electrical layout
  • Structural designing of reinforced concrete building
  • Building construction and repair
  • Structural steel - fabrication and installation
  • Road construction
  • Site development

  • Installation and calibration of process and control instrumentation
  • Installation and commissioning of programmable logic control(PLC), variable frequency drive(VFD) and uninterruptible power supply(UPS)
  • Instruments checkout, startup commissioning
  • Equipment retrofit design and construction
  • Instrumentation design
  • Projects contract administration and completion auditing
  • Consultancy
  • Maintenance Services (annual contracts or call-in services) Preventive maintenance, system troubleshooting and repair (control of generators, motor, compressors etc.), instrument calibration, protective relays trip setting and coordination, instrument loop-checking, electronic equipment reconditioning and repair

A. Cell Sites
  • Site development
  • Tower foundation
  • Tower erection
  • Perimeter fence
  • Cabin construction/ installation
  • Genset house and guard house construction
  • Installation of electrical and grounding system including BTS cabin
  • BTS and M/W site, installation include indoor and outdoor equipment such as BTS cabinets, rectifier, battery, transmission rack include IDU (Modem unit) for microwave radios, RF cables and antennas and microwave antenna ODU (RF unit)
  • Testing, commissioning and site integration of both BTS and M/W which include documentation, test drive and network balancing
  • Repair, Rehabilitation and Preventive Maintenance
B. Outside Plant Construction & Maintenance
  1. Manholes and Conduits
    a. Pole Lines
  2. Cables installation
    a. Underground
    b. Aerials
  3. Fiber Optics Installation
    a. Underground
    b. Aerials
  4. Cabinets Installation
    a. Cross connects
    b. DVCs
  5. Testing, commissioning, includes documentations, etc.
  6. Repair, rehabilitation and Preventive Maintenance
  7. Main stations Installation (MSI)
C. Inside Plants
  1. Main Distribution Frames
  2. Tie Cabling & other Cabling Terminations
  3. Special Equipment, etc. (Multiplexer, pairgain)

  • Mechanic, mechanical technician, millwright, machinist
  • Welder, pipe fitter, structural fitter, insulator, erector
  • Project engineer, supervisor, field engineer, ISO engineer specialist, QA/QC engineers, foreman, leadman
  • Carpenter, mason, plumber, painter, tinsmith
  • Electrician, instrument technician, instrument fitter, A/C Technician
  • Heavy equipment operator, Forklift operator, driver
  • Clerk, tool keeper, warehouseman, time keeper, encoder
  • Handyman

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